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"Something extraordinary that history was begging for---
a cultural commentary on the art of modern singing." 
                  Brett Manning 
                  Author of "Singing Success"  & 
                  Vocal coach to Grammy-award winning artists

"I only wish I could have given this book to every one of my students...Enlightening reading for both novice and professional singers."
                  Lisa Mansell 
                  Vocal Coach, Producer-
                  Boca Raton, Florida) 

"I highly recommend this book for all  singers--thoughtfully  presented by a master teacher." 
                  David Lile 
                  Prince Street Players, Ltd.

"Truly a work of genius! This book solves many of the 
problems common to all singers." 
                   Fred Silver 
                  Author of Auditioning for the Musical Theater

"This book is MAGNIFICENT!" 
                   Khaliq Glover 
                   Grammy-award winning recording engineer, producer
                   and Author of Hypnotic Music Secrets                     

Highly recommended for all who are interested in music performance..."  4-Star Review by ReadersFavorite.Com