"The Top 20 Secrets of Great Singers"
                     Their Mindset & Methods
                                                                      by Lane Cura Meng
Copyright 2013

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"Keeping celebrity, pro & avocational singers accountable to the artistic excellence they owe their audiences..."

"The Top 20 Secrets of Great Singers" is currently the music industry's best recommendation for aspiring singers, revealing the 20 choices Great Singers make to distinguish themselves and their performances from all other artists.  These choices are--

The SEVEN Simple Habits Great Singers combine to  automatically upgrade their vocal presence by 100%. Apply them to everything you sing to hear the same miraculous differences in just one hour (Secrets #5, #6, #7, #11, #12, #13, #15). 

The  EIGHT  Core Values  the Greatest Singers assert to slay mediocrity. Do likewise and watch weak-minded complacency transform into professional authority in just one week's time (Secrets #1, #2, #10, #14, #16, #17, #18, #19).

The  FIVE LifeTime Commitments  Great Singers fulfill DAILY to guarantee their rightful place among the ranks of "The Greatest Singers of all time". (Secrets #3, #4, #8, #9, #20)
   Find your clues to The Top 20 Secrets by
reading each chapter's synopsis below--

Chapter 1
The Evolution of a Great Singer...The three characteristics which must be evident in a song for the Greatest Singers to stake their reputations upon itWhat "Song Choice" really means to The Greatest Singers.

Chapter 2
The Five “Truths” the Greatest Singers testify will conquer a performer's shyness, doubt, fear and anxiety before any  show… The Three “Super Magnets” found in every amazing performance…The ethics of a Great Entertainer...

Chapter 3
How Great Singers circumstantially adjust their "singing diction" and Why…Why Great Lyrics are more than just words…The two most important skills no singer should be without...The real reason Great Singers turn down most of the original music brought to their attention by publishers and producers

Chapter 4
The most misunderstood and misused vocal quality  in singers and why the "one-size-fits-all application for every song will sabotage a singer’s credibility…Why losing control over this vocal quality may be symptomatic of an underlying medical problem

Chapter 5
A Great Singer's "reality check" about breathing...The secret behind the "Art of Phrasing" is no secret at all...The number one reason singing lessons often frustrate teachers and students alike...Why no singer can ever sing the same song in the exact same way for every performance...

Chapter 6
What the Greatest Singers do at the end of every phrase...How any singer can immediately improve technique by doing likewise…Which two phrase-ending techniques elude most singers and why

Chapter 7
How this secret continues to fulfill the very first promise ever made by every singing student…Why this secret is eventually kicked to the curb by celebrity singers...Why those who always stay true to this secret are the Greatest Singers of all time

Chapter 8
Defining a singer's "vocal DNA" and how Great Singers use it to create their unmistakable signature sound; how they alter it for a new sound...What other singers can always learn from you

Chapter 9
What the Greatest Singers spend most of their time practicing and perfecting...How and why most singers keep making the same mistakes over and over again

Chapter 10
The irresistible "IT FACTOR" of every Great Singer and why some voice instructors can NOT teach it…The real reasons audiences prefer this quality to hearing a perfect, beautiful voice

  Chapter 11 
What a rock star and an opera star  will always have in common…Why the Greatest Singers always look younger than their peers—and it has nothing to do with cosmetics or surgery The littlest things Great Singers do to make the biggest improvements

  Chapter 12
The very first thing you should troubleshoot when trying to figure out why you can't access the amazing techniques of other Great Singers…Why this secret must be the very first change you must make when learning to sing in a new style

Chapter 13
Every Great Singer’s best secret in plain sight…Every choir’s secret weapon…The bad habit most singers find hardest to break...Every Great Singer's strongest reflex

Chapter 14
The most crucial ability of every Great Singer is also the audience’s first criterion for judging all singers…The #1 reason Great Singers change a song’s original melody…The real reason certain celebrity singers cancel performances while other singers don’t

Why there really is no such thing as a “tone deaf” singer…Why there is no such thing as 100% pitch accuracy 100% of the time...The experiences and environments ALL Great Singers have in common

Chapter 15
The number one technical mistake made by singers—even Great Ones…How venue size psychologically and physiologically affects singers and how the Greatest Singers adapt…The specific, involuntary  reaction which helps  and  hinders a singer’s performance - why many celebrity singers eventually lose their ability to control its power

  Chapter 16
How the Greatest Singers learn to sing any song they want to sing…The concept of “organic singing” and how it can enable any singer to be fluent in many styles…Every Great Singer’s Four Stages of Development and why it’s never too late for anyone to start from Stage One

Chapter 17
The never ending drama for every singer and how Great Singers end it…The one thing every singer must ask for, insist on and expect without compromise…Why beginning voice students have absolutely no problem applying this secret while even celebrity singers struggle to do so…How a singer becomes “ALPHA” in any ensemble regardless of their age or experience…The secret test applied by Great Singers to decide with whom they should or should not work

  Chapter 18
How the Greatest Singers keep the audience in the palm of their hand…The simplest secret to "mesmerizing" an  audience. Every Great Singer’s first consideration when designing a show…The most effective—and shortest—ways to rehearse

  Chapter 19
Every singer’s “X Factor”…The four territories of performance art and how all singers can be great in one or all four territories…How Great Singers survive— and succeed—both inside and outside the music business…What the Greatest Singers consider “cool” and why you may be the “cool” they’re looking for

How music industry pros can successfully develop the careers of their contracted artists without resorting to gimmickry, publicity stunts and short cuts which “cheapen” the singer’s artistry over time.

  Chapter 20
The Greatest Singers’ simple secret for a long, happy and successful career…How the Greatest Singers reinvent themselves while maintaining their  appeal…How The Greatest Singers manage to stay popular while keeping their feet on the ground…Who and What The Greatest Singers fear most

           Epilogue & Annex
How one singing club gave people a “second chance” to learn music and the performing arts...The most successful alternative music education model for schools who have cut music and arts programs from their budgets

        Besides Singers,
        Who Should Read
This   Book?

  • Producers, music business pros, recording engineers, entertainment lawyers, technicians, recording company A&R and A&D execs, talent scouts, managers, promoters
  • Voice teachers and music educators looking to exact higher competencies from voice students and choirs in the shortest amount of time.
  • Songwriters & Lyricists
  • Accompanists
  • Recording & Sound Engineers

  • Study groups for Young Performing Artists

  • Music directors for sacred and contemporary spiritual music groups

  •   From the Author
“I wrote this book for
any individual passionate about  singing—

I also wrote it  for professional and celebrity singers who have either neglected or have never been taught the artistic and ethical values practiced by the Greatest Singers of all time, by which these icons had earned their rightful place in music history…”
Lane Cura Meng